Activities & Clubs


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Year 2 Football Tournament                                              (CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)

Pupils from Year two entered a football tournament at Grange Technology College and played against four other schools.  We are delighted to say that our team drew one match and won the other three matches.  They then went on to win the tournament and were presented with medals and certificates.  All the pupils played extremely well, were very well behaved and acted as great ambassadors for our school.


Table Tennis Club  – Mr H Khan                                              (CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)

The club was set up to introduce the sport of table tennis to our pupils at Copthorne.  Training young beginners is not an easy task and requires much hard work and dedication.  The skills required and learned during the club are many and some difficult to master therefore pupils need to be focused.

The skills that are taught to the pupils are:

–          Use of equipment and sports hall in a safe manner

–          Learn basic rules and techniques of table tennis

–          Correct use of bat

–          Foot work skills – movement and balance

–          Learning to serve correctly

–          Co-ordination

–          Work on basic strokes

–          Placing the ball

–          Hitting the ball low

–          Playing fast

–          Mental alertness and tactical thinking

–          Many more skills…